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Ada Bojana Hostel

How a German Engineer met a Serbian Musician on the streets of Heceg Novi and start up a hostel on Ada Bojana together.


It was early in 2015 when Tobi thought about starting a big journey after finishing his engineering  degree in Germany. He started his 1-2 Year-journey planning to reach Australia via hitchhiking then in May 2015. That was a crazy idea and in the end he did not even reach the Middle East.


What happened? After amazing travel experience in Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Tobi reached Montenegro. In this country his journey has taken a slight swift. It was like a change in his mind, maybe a little influenced from the Serbian/Montenegrin mentality – He was not anymore in any kind of hurry. The old plan reaching the southern hemnisphere became more and more unimportant.


And then it happened - on the roads of Herceg Novi he meet Ljuba the Serbian Musician from Zrenjanin.

It was a deep friendship from the first minute. Ljuba was the first guy who told Tobi from the special place of Ada Bojana and so the things lead to each other. Ljuba spend the summer of 2015 as a street musician in Herceg Novi.


After one week together Tobi continued his journey heading on the South end of Montenegro with that miraculously “Ada Bojana” Place in his mind.

The last car lift which has brought Tobi through Ulcinj almost to Ada was an older man. He told Tobi: “This place has changed many people.” Was that a sing?

 Maybe it was. Tobi didn´t leave Ada for more than one year. He started kite surfing, worked for some kite schools and renovated an old wooden weekend house during 2016 completely. In that period Tobi has had many guests – travellers, friends and workers helped him with the renovation process. However the most important support by far was Ljuba.


Tobi and Ljuba became a wonderful team together. The summer of 2017 then was the pretty first start for the Hostel. Marvellous experience with guests from all over the world made that amazing first season unforgettable for both of them.


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