-Where the river meets the sea and   kisses the sky-


Tobi´s Hostel is a meeting point for travellers,
surfers and all people with open mind and free spirit.
It´s created for people who want to enjoy the nature,
the special aura of Bojana´s River Island and the community.
The Hostel is placed on the Island-Side
only 150 meter from the beach
close behind the Restaurants Barbana, Ćićko and Ranko.
Click here to read the story of our hostel.


Three rooms with 2-3 beds
available from June to October.
15€ per night and bed.
Shared bathroom, livingroom and kitchen.
Airconditioner, Free Wifi & Parking.
Big garden, terrace and balcony.




 The looong beach 
Enjoy beautiful sunsets and hot summer days with shallow fresh water at one of Europe´s longest sand beaches – starting from Bojana Island till Ulcinj – it´s about 13 km!​
 Kite surfing 
Ada Bojana offers one of the greatest Kitesurf-Spots of the Adriatic coast. Our Hostel-Team brings some good contacts to the best local Surf- and Kite-Schools around.
 Restaurants and Bars 
There are truly many good fish restaurants on Ada, but there are some very special hidden ones. Our Hostel Team is looking forward to point out the way for you. Unforgettable evenings waiting…
The early morning walk to the wild end of Bojana Island is one must-do if you spend time on Ada. At the early morning the beach is yours, only some birds will take a part. By the way, if you like Birds you should visit the nature protected old salt Lake Solana 15 Minutes away from Ada. Start a daytrip to beautiful Lake Skadar, it´s both worth for hiking or renting boats.
 Nudist Beach 
Ada Bojana is historically famous for its nudist beach. Many Visitors came each year to enjoy the maximum of personal liberty.
 Join our community 
Share your live-experiances and travelling stories with inspiring people from all over the world.  Tobi´s Hostel is the perfect meeting point for people with free spirit and for sure we are always looking for some crazy cooks or musicians who want´s to surprise the whole bunch ; -)
Take the chance and visit the Oldtown of Ulcinj just 15 km from Ada or start a day trip next to our Albanian Neighbour’s and visit the fabulous oldtown of Skadar.
 The vibe 
Last but not least: the atmosphere on Ada is truly special. The Wild Beach, a fire by night, maybe a guitar and a hand full people watching the stars and the whole world is just perfect.
Sweet&salty water, and a long beach
Bojana meets the sea...
Kite surf
Tobi, almost like a profi ;-)
Kite surf
Some surfers are resting...
"Dom kulture" etc.
"Dom kulture"
"Dom kulture"
Fishing nets at Bojana
Restaurant "Miško" on Bojana
Fishing nets in Ulcinj
Ulcinj / Old town
Hiking trail
Solana lake
Šasko jezero-lake
Ramba, hostel dog
Hi! We are the host team- Ljuba and Tobi.
Feel free to contact us in Serbo/Croatian, English and German.


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Ada Bojana Hostel


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